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Keeping your eye on the ball

I think conflict is a reality for all project managers, and so often they are faced dealing with the impact or consequence for the decision they make during conflict situations. There are plenty of rules related to dealing with conflict but just because I am a woman, one specifically stands out, and that I need to check myself against is to NOT become emotionally involved.  Objectiveness is one of the big advantages of being a professional and priding yourself in doing the right thing. As soon as we lose objectivity we lose the ability to remove ourselves from the conflict and looking into the real issues. And when we are emotionally involved, we are definitely not objective.

sport_balls-svgI am amazed that conflict so often become personal points of race, gender, the have and don’t haves whilst the real issues are left unchecked and untreated. We debate with so much vigour our rights and justify our actions and we assume people will see the passion we have for the cause, but in reality most people on the outside look into the inner circle of conflict and see stupidity, selfishness and pride.  We miss the point and fight each other, whist we could be working together to address the problem. The win-lose or lose-lose scenario.

Take a team related sport for example. If we act selfishly we reduce the team’s potential by pegging it at an individual’s capability level. When we lose sight of the ball and try to take out our opponents, we get penalised and send to the sin bin and the entire team loses.  Why is it that we understand this so perfectly in a sports environment, but forget this in nearly every other area of our lives? How long will we ignore the real issue in hand and attack those we think oppose us by reverting to a destructive as opposed to upliftment attitude.  Sure we all in conflict and we do not always like the way we are treated, or the way we are being paid, or the way we need to work or…or…or.

Dealing with conflict requires a servant attitude. One where you remove the emotions from the situation, deal with the real issue and try to uplift others in the process.

Giving Support In the Modern Age

SupportGood customer service is an essential element of a successful business.  It is important to know the features and benefits of your product or service and to be professional at all times.  Giving support is never easy, it needs you to be patient, attentive and always listen carefully to what your client is saying.  It requires you to act on your customer’s questions, comments, and concerns. Understanding the client’s expectations is the first step towards good customer service as they expect you to resolve the issues from their viewpoint. If you however know your client well, you will be able to assist and leave the client happy.

Good support service attracts new customers and keep current customers coming back for more. You need to constantly come up with new, easier and faster ways of solving your client’s problems and this can only be done through reading about your client industry and researching your product. Additional benefit can be reaped if you are able to measure your client’s knowledge about the application, plan on how to bridge the gaps and implement those plans.

Be customer focused, a team player and show empathy at all times and so  through your support service add value to the business.

Written By:  Daphne Phokoje

Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net