Project Coaching

Ever would have liked to have an expert with you when you look at the theory of Project Management in the light of your current work and project situation?  Well with this approach you can have just that.  Our expert coaches would work through the theory and help you apply it in context of your organization’s tools and methodologies.  Each session would help you understand project best practices and guide you in its implementation within the scope of your own project.  Giving you all the benefits of training and a lot more.

We develop your personal growth program with you taking into consideration who you are, your personal goals as well as your current skills level.  No one-size-fits all approach.  It is adjusted to work specifically for YOU.

We used  a variety of experts that have extensive experience in various tools and project management subjects, giving you access to the right people at the right time. Unlike the normal Project management capacity building programs we do not only focus on Project Management skills but also all the interpersonal skills needed to make you and excellent Project Manager and a great asset to your organization.

The Project Management Landscapes

The Project Management Landscapes

In every coaching session we would focus on taking you through the various dimensions illustrated in the project management landscape wheel.  Material is provided that brings about theoretical understanding of the concepts covered and will stimulate integration and application of these concepts with the context of your own project and the organizations project management systems.

Simultaneously we assist you in the compilation of a portfolio of evidence that can be used at the end of the process for assessment against a specific project management qualification or alternatively to be used as proof when working towards an international PMP or CAPM qualification.

Benefit to you:

  • Customized to suit your needs.
  • You are in charge of the topics
  • You define the pace
  • Increased knowledge retention
  • Achieve project and program goals while learning
  • Support is just a session away
  • Grows project delivery capacity
  • Puts you ahead of the pack