The Office Move

My Office space

My Office space

For those of you that attended some of our Microsoft Project courses, would be reminded of an example we use, called the “Office Move”. This exercise allows you to create a schedule for a project to move offices and entailed having a proper work breakdown structure implemented with dates and resource assignment the toot. Well in May we decided to move office and as we specialise in Project Management, attached the project in a structured and purposeful way. We had to think of moving our telephone lines, cancel the short term insurance for the PABX and make sure we can fit into the new space with all of our furniture. Decisions were to be made as to what had to go and how to move, who would be getting some office hand me downs and who would be involved in the actual move. Simple right?

In the middle of it all however, was this one item, a cupboard that was the origin for plenty a debate. From the start it did not conceptually fit, but some on the team felt that, seeing we were moving into a smaller space, could do with the extra packing space. We did not reach a decision and left this so called elephant in the room. We had those that supported the cupboard to be moved, and those opposing the idea.

So after plenty of planning the big move day, the 1st of May 2015 finally arrived. As we did not have much to do, the family had to step in. So early the morning they were literally pulled from the bed to be on their post. The fact that I got them to do this was short of a miracle as the last time we moved offices they vowed never to help again. We had all the boxes packed and it was literally just a matter of dissembling and loading the furniture, move it and assembling it at our new offices. All but for that one cupboard…

The trailer arrived to pick up the last batch of furniture at our old office and there we were once again confronted by this one thing we could not reach a consensus on. After another debate, and being pushed by fatigue a decision was made to leave this cupboard behind and make a call later. Needless to say that the monument of indecisiveness is still at the old office.

In everything there is always a lesson to be learned, and so in this long story lies the realisation that indecisiveness can be quite costly. Sometimes you need to just make the call and live with it. So for those that have been to our offices in the past, find attached a few pictures of our new place. Pop in for some coffee. We would love to welcome you.

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