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Decisions – What they tell about you!

At so many times we hit a cross road in our lives. A choice we need to make, or an important decisions that can alter the course of our future. Sometimes it is not as earth shattering in our opinion and consider as small or easy choices we make. But whether big or small, every choice has a trade-off. Now a trade-off is normally seen as the opportunity costs of a decision. So it relates to the choice you did NOT make, the options you did NOT choose or the opportunity you missed because you did not make such or such a choice. Very little of us reachoiceslly think about the trade-offs in the decisions we make, and if we do, they normally relate to only the big decisions and the direct implications of our choices. There are however plenty of indirect trade-offs’ to our decisions that affect our relationships with others and will follow us unknowingly.

A decision made provide clues to who you are, what your values/priorities are, what is at the core of your character and what you are willing to sacrifice. It provides a glimpse into the unspoken world of individuals and either lead to a confirmation or a changed view of character. It sheds the light on areas that we might not feel so proud of, or alternatively areas that we need to exploit more often. Whether positive or negative, the trade-offs normally have a ripple effect socially that is often ignored.

Does this now imply we need to be afraid to making a choice? No, it just means that when you choose, know that the choice you made gave a message to those around you and will be an unspoken witness to the person you really are. Therefore choose wisely.