World without ethics


Today, I once again came to realize that loyalty means nothing, people’s word is not their honor and they will screw you in an instant if that leads them one step up on the proverbial ladder. Sure we shouldn’t write blogs when we are in the mood I am, but it makes me wonder the lengths people would go for an extra buck. No wonder we are plagued with a world full of corruption. Unfortunately when you do this at the beginning of a project, to what unethical lows would you go?

Most interestingly to me is the total lack of realization on their part that their actions are truly unethical. It is as if there is no moral compass. And even worse they let others do their dirty work for them…This is a doggy eat dog world is it not, and if you cannot ware big pants, maybe you need to get out of the wardrobe? I do hope that those that did me wrong today’s ears are ringing, but what do we do when we are faced with such blatant unethical behavior? Do you vent as I am doing right now?

Well I can tell you, from first-hand experience that venting does not help. It just makes you feel more angry and disillusioned especially when it is people you have known and regarded highly for a long time.  So do you pull the sword and confront the person. My parents always taught me to never burn bridges, but as soon as you pull a sword you run the risk of burning that bridge and if you don’t confront them, they will just live in bliss doing to others what they did to you. Alternatively block them out of your life and ignore them. Highly mature is it not….

Ok, so theoretically, and let me stick to that for a moment, you need to know how to deal with conflict situations like this, in order to be a good, principle centred leaders and project managers, and in order to do this, you need to have a few well-grounded principles to stand by. Pulling a sword and confronting somebody is not the same and therefore it is necessary to have your emotions well at bay before you deal with this and to have your facts straight.  Dealing with it when you are angry will not do you any favours.

When you are however a Christian, you need to pray for wisdom and strength to deal with this appropriately and then you need to be willing to wait for the right moment and the right answer. No blogs, email messages, whatsapp or sms. Somethings are better done face to face and sometimes it is better to just walk away. Walking away however implies letting it go and letting it go implies forgiving those that did you wrong, even though they might never ask for your forgiveness…and then there is me writing blogs…eish, so still a long way to go.

What if the gatekeeper can no longer be trusted?

stopsignsTrust is a fundamental part of every relationship and we build it on the premise that whomever we entrust in a position for a specific mandate would do so using integrity and a strong ethical code so that we, as an organisation or a country, will not be ashamed. But what if we no longer can trust those appointed, if those acting as gatekeepers can no longer be trusted to fulfill in their oversight and protective role, and the gatekeeper of gatekeepers become as soiled as those they are to regulate? What if the moral and ethical standards have so invaded the jobs that calls for high moral standards and integrity, jobs like chartered accounting, police services, bankers, engineering and project management?

This is not a grim picture of life somewhere in the future, but a reality today. Moral decay is evident all around us, and if we do not choose to live by higher moral standards we will form part of the everyday news, shattered careers of those left in the wake of damaged companies that had to face the brunt of poor judgement calls made by individuals in decision making positions.  Unfortunately corruption pays and in some cases pays big time and fatten all who we consider to be downstream of such an act.  The lack of courage and the potential risks involved in exposing these acts leave many paralysed. When enough courage do exists and those gross infringements get exposed the legal journey to conviction is long and taxing on the minds and remembrance of the victims (in most cases the tax payer) while some regulatory bodies proverbially wash their hands in innocence until convicted.

So who is to blame and maybe we need to keep to the profession of project management and not venture too far into the realm of other professions? The role of the project manager and the code of conduct required from international bodies like PMI calls for high ethical behavior specifically related to areas like procurement, contract management, scope management, financial control, stakeholder management and deliverable sign off.  All areas vulnerable to corruption and representational risks. Here is our dilemma: when we run projects, any project for that matter, the responsibility to ensure high ethical behavior lies with the project manager, not the accounting officer or CA who process the invoice, but the project manager that signs it off, the project manager that does not accept a bribe to channel money or turn a blind eye to low quality deliverable, the project manager that ensure that the clauses in the contracts are honored and that  transparency is evident and accessible to whoever so ask, so that we can be found above reproach.

It is a personal choice to live a life of integrity and to stand up when we are pressurized to cross the bridge to poor ethical behavior.  So do not judge other professions too quickly my fellow project managers as a lot of the corruption happening in organisations today can be squarely laid at the feet of our profession. We are the gate keepers of good project ethics, and if we can no longer be trusted, what then?

From the heart…

This blog post has been written by a member from our team and truly comes from the heart in true humility and in honor to God. Sometimes it is necessary to not change a thing, but to listen to what comes from within in order to understand the person better. 

After numerous of attempts to write my own blog, I still seem to be failing at the task – just because I am comparing myself to other team member’s skills and educational background knowledge.  “Stop!”  This is a fear of man.

Am I really left with focusing to search what I know and what I’ve learned in a lifetime of 28  years and then combining my experience in the 3 years at The Project Hub?

I’ve learned to be stretched beyond my own views of work and life situations. I’ve learned to deal with defeat and walk through glass walls (ok, I changed route) – making statements and redirect your thought processes. I’ve learned that work and personal relationships can take a strain if your focus is based on self-growth only. And I am still learning. And this blog has been due for a very, very long time.

Just really want to do it for the right reasons and failure or to not even attempt – terrifies me. My team members/life companions have been so kind, so patient.

What are the right reasons you ask? Well, firstly I fear God now, and not man. I am actually typing this blog and not worried about what others may take from it, just because I am in right standing with the Only One that matters.

This was only the result of comparing “I” to Christ. And guess what – I fall short in the work place, in my personal life, in my work ethic, in my punctuality…I fell short in every other part of life and even in interpreting the Scriptures correctly. My heart, my thoughts, my greatest, most brilliant, most pure and biblical intentions…I fell short.

“Uhhh, so you noticed the tense change?” I still fall short and by grace, still going. And I will still fall short tomorrow, but the pressure is off when you truly understand that the Word of God is true and sufficient, it is life and it is the only way. And that is what I will pursue, even by writing a blog for work.

The summary of this equation is in the contentment of this very moment that you might (be saved) or might-not understand (be unsaved), no one can take away from me. Who knew facts can be false, multi-tasking is possible. Just wrote a blog for work and at the same time, a letter to claim the reason for own personal salvation.

Interesting link to follow, for the next time you tackle ANY tasks at work.

Scriptural references you can search for yourself and a link to enjoy the bigger picture follows: