From the heart…

This blog post has been written by a member from our team and truly comes from the heart in true humility and in honor to God. Sometimes it is necessary to not change a thing, but to listen to what comes from within in order to understand the person better. 

After numerous of attempts to write my own blog, I still seem to be failing at the task – just because I am comparing myself to other team member’s skills and educational background knowledge.  “Stop!”  This is a fear of man.

Am I really left with focusing to search what I know and what I’ve learned in a lifetime of 28  years and then combining my experience in the 3 years at The Project Hub?

I’ve learned to be stretched beyond my own views of work and life situations. I’ve learned to deal with defeat and walk through glass walls (ok, I changed route) – making statements and redirect your thought processes. I’ve learned that work and personal relationships can take a strain if your focus is based on self-growth only. And I am still learning. And this blog has been due for a very, very long time.

Just really want to do it for the right reasons and failure or to not even attempt – terrifies me. My team members/life companions have been so kind, so patient.

What are the right reasons you ask? Well, firstly I fear God now, and not man. I am actually typing this blog and not worried about what others may take from it, just because I am in right standing with the Only One that matters.

This was only the result of comparing “I” to Christ. And guess what – I fall short in the work place, in my personal life, in my work ethic, in my punctuality…I fell short in every other part of life and even in interpreting the Scriptures correctly. My heart, my thoughts, my greatest, most brilliant, most pure and biblical intentions…I fell short.

“Uhhh, so you noticed the tense change?” I still fall short and by grace, still going. And I will still fall short tomorrow, but the pressure is off when you truly understand that the Word of God is true and sufficient, it is life and it is the only way. And that is what I will pursue, even by writing a blog for work.

The summary of this equation is in the contentment of this very moment that you might (be saved) or might-not understand (be unsaved), no one can take away from me. Who knew facts can be false, multi-tasking is possible. Just wrote a blog for work and at the same time, a letter to claim the reason for own personal salvation.

Interesting link to follow, for the next time you tackle ANY tasks at work.

Scriptural references you can search for yourself and a link to enjoy the bigger picture follows:

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  1. great job Rumelda!! to God be the glory and praise of your continuous learning in Jesus steps

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